Uncommon Goods for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is almost upon us and with that will come gifts like flowers and chocolates. Those things are lovely, of course. They're also fleeting: the flowers will die, the chocolates will be eaten.

I enjoy receiving gifts that last, that I can use again and again.
So, when UncommonGoods gave me the opportunity to shop for my own Mother's Day gifts for a review, I was ecstatic. 

I checked out their Mother's Day online catalog and—listen, you guys—there is just so much quality stuff to choose from. UncommonGoods is Brooklyn-based (howdy, neighbors!) with a mission to feature unique designs and handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people. Half of what they sell is made by hand and most of the products are made in the USA. 

It was difficult to choose but I ended up selecting a handmade garlic grater and oil dipping dish combo; Foodie Dice; and a red slate cheeseboard. It was a wonderful haul and it arrived beautifully packaged. 

Let me tell you more about how much I love each item. This dish has a rough center; you grate the hard cheese and garlic right in the bowl! Add some salt, herbs, spices, then pour in some extra virgin olive oil...and you have a wonderful dipping oil. So simple and so chic!

Beautiful, isn't it?

You can also pour the seasoned oil over pasta, or drizzle it on roasted potatoes or crostini. I brushed some on a hot, soft pretzel and then grated extra Pecorino cheese over the top. Nom nom nom.

I also ordered Foodie Dice. Hey, we all get in a cooking rut sometimes, don't we? A roll of these dice and you get a mission: a protein, cooking method, grain/carb selections, herb choices, and bonus ingredients. Accept the mission and start cooking!

Here was my roll:

And here's what I made: Mustard Turkey Burgers with Asparagus & Bacon, with a side of Rosemary Roasted Smashed Potatoes. Holy yum. Very easy and a hit with the family!

The last item I ordered was this beautiful red slate cheeseboard with soapstone chalk. If you're following me on Instagram, you've already seen me use this as a striking backdrop to a rustic breakfast.

But it can certainly also be used for its intended purpose: cheese!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there! Be loving, diligent, creative, fun, interesting, and uncommon. I hope you feel special this day and every day.

*Products were provided for review by UncommonGoods at no cost to me; however, I received no payment in exchange for this post.


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    1. Isn't it? It's such a great idea and it really worked well—the rough edges grated the heck out of the cheese and garlic!


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