Hummus and Tabbouleh Flatbread Pizza

Sometimes a great meal is just about piling yummy ingredients on top of each other. I know that doesn't sound super exciting but, depending on what those ingredients are, it actually can be exciting. And delicious. Pretty, too!

This is one of those meals. Start with a prepared flatbread. I chose Stonefire's garlic naan, but pita or lavash will also work great. I like to toast the flatbread, so it's warm and has a bit of crunch. Then just spread the hummus over the bread, and generously spoon tabbouleh over the top. I used my Lemony Quinoa Tabbouleh—simple and so delicious.

That's it. Isn't that easy? I served it for dinner with a large salad on the side. Incredibly filling and satisfying.

Did I mention it's also incredibly nutritious—packed with plant-based proteins, fresh veggies, and complex carbs? And it's super easy. You heard that part, right?

And if this idea seems familiar, perhaps you're remembering one of my favorite meals: my Pita Pizza with Hummus and Chopped Salad. Hey, no need to re-invent the wheel, am I right, folks?


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