Broccoli Devilled Eggs

We've previously discussed some ways to get kids to eat more veggies. But do you eat enough vegetables? Most of us could benefit from eating more. One great way to eat more is to incorporate them into pretty much everything you make. Even unexpected dishes, like devilled eggs.

Eggs are a great source of protein, of course. And pregnant ladies, take note: egg yolks are a fantastic source of choline, essential for healthy fetal brain development and preventing birth defects. Yolks also provide some Vitamin D, so vital to both mother and baby, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Broccoli provides fiber, as well as Vitamins A and K; this combination helps support our Vitamin D metabolism, so it's great to pair broccoli with eggs.
I love devilled eggs; I like to have one as a post-workout snack. I make just one at a time, so I'm not tempted to eat more than I really need or want. However, I do hard-boil a few eggs at a time, so they're ready and waiting for me in the fridge when I need them.

This isn't a recipe as much as a technique. Feel free to change it to suit your tastes. 

Halve a hard-boiled egg.
Steam a handful of broccoli florets (cauliflower or peas would work well, too) until just past al dente, so you can easily mash them; you could puree the broccoli if you prefer a smoother texture. My ratio is about a heaping tablespoon of mashed broccoli to a teaspoon of mayo--or Greek yogurt--to a touch of mustard.

Remove the yolk from the white and add to the rest of ingredients. Mash together and add salt, to taste. 

Spoon (or pipe, if you're feelin' fancy) the mixture back into the yolk.

Of course, these are great for kids, too. Just whip up some "green eggs" and the little Dr. Seuss fans will be sure to give them a shot.


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