Cara Cara? Here Here! Yum Yum!

You locavores won't be into this post, unless you live in California. But I was thrilled to see Cara Cara pink navel oranges (grown in Cali) at Whole Foods the other day. I bought a bunch and have been having at least one a day. They are at their peak right now, sporting bright orange peels and pink flesh that is as sweet as candy.

Of course, they're much healthier than candy. They are loaded with fiber, Vitamin C and Vitamin A, as well as the antioxidant lycopene. Cara Caras also provide a good amount of folate and potassium - both vital to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. As an added bonus, they are low in acid; this might make them an appealing snack choice for young kids or for those who are pregnant and experiencing acid reflux.
They are easy to peel, but even easier to slice in wedges and shove in my mouth immediately. I thought my toddler would get a kick out of my orange peel smile, but he just looked concerned and said, "I no like! Take orange out of your mouth!" He'll think it's amusing when he's older, right?
Interesting tidbit, via Sunkist's website: Because Cara Cara Oranges are seedless, and therefore sterile, the only means available to cultivate more is to graft cuttings onto other varieties of citrus tree—so, cara caras of today have exactly the same genetic makeup as the original cara cara navel orange tree first grown in 1820.


  1. Poor H, to have such a silly mama. :) Thanks for reminding me about cara cara oranges. I didn't know they were low acid, so I will definitely pick up some for A, who is very sensitive to acid in foods.

  2. First, love the blog- you guys are adorable. Second, I love cara caras but think it's ironic that with all your "pregnancy" services you guys are blogging about a "sterile fruit". OK add Foodtrainers to your links and come comment about prunes :)

  3. Lauren - LOL! Thanks for checking us out. Oh, and, link added :-)

  4. Sadly, I only was not a fan of oranges until recently, when I discovered that I do like them! My four year old daughter Charlotte loves them too! I am so happy to learn about these ones with no seeds!


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