Easy Thanksgiving Antipasto Platter

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Start your holidays off right with a beautiful, delicious, and easy Thanksgiving Antipasto Platter. Plus, simple tips to keep it budget-friendly!

This might sound weird coming from a food blogger but: I've never hosted Thanksgiving dinner. For decades now, my family has celebrated the holiday with our beloved friends at their home. We were doing Friendsgiving before it was a thing! So, I don't have awesome tips on roasting the perfect turkey...but I do know how to be a fantastic guest.

For one thing, if someone is hosting you for the holiday, you'd better believe they are doing a ton of food prep and cooking. Share your host's burden by bringing part of the Thanksgiving meal—it will surely be appreciated. 

I love to offer my hosts an Easy Antipasto Platter for the holiday celebration. First things first: gotta do some shopping for fabulous ingredients. The great thing is that I can get everything I need all at my local Stop and Shop! Freshly-baked breads, delicious cheeses and meats, as well as delectable olives, crackers, pickled veggies, and seasonal produce are all here. Talk about one-stop shopping.

So many fresh mozzarella options!
I want to dive into the olive bar.

Gotta love an in-house bakery for fresh breads.

Any time we can get together to celebrate family, food, and tradition it's always a time of celebration and thanksgiving. So, while raw veggies and dip make the rounds at most people's holiday parties, I like to bring some of my Italian heritage to the table with my antipasti. It might not be the traditional Thanksgiving but it is our tradition.

There are no hard and fast rules for putting together a platter of antipasti. But variety is important! Not only is a diverse platter prettier, but different textures and flavors will keep your tastebuds tantalized. Aim for a variety of cheeses, fruits and/or veggies, bread and crackers, nuts, and meats. Go for different shapes, colors, heights—keep it interesting! Oh, and use the biggest platter you've got, so you can fit a ton of delicious snacks on top; I used the bottom of a large carving board for this Easy Thanksgiving Antipasto Platter. 

When planning your antipasto, keep your budget in mind: use smaller amounts of the most expensive items and fill the platter with the more budget-friendly foods. No one will notice that you've got more cheddar than brie!

Cheeses: my platter has a triple creme brie, fresh mozzarella, and Cabot sharp cheddar. I left the triangle of brie whole for guests to cut into; I sliced the cheddar into rectangles and piled them in the center; I cut the mozzarella into ovals and fanned them out. See how they all add a different shape and dimension to the platter?

*Budget tip: don't just look for cheeses in the gourmet or deli section. You can find some great ones in the regular dairy area. I got this Seriously Sharp Cabot Cheddar (one of my faves!) on sale at Stop and Shop. I love a grocery bargain!

Bread and crackers: slice up some fresh baguette, stack up seeded flatbread crackers, and then put some tall crispy breadsticks in a little glass. Lots of yumminess, with a variety of textures and flavors.

Fruits and Nuts: dried fruits—I used apricots and cranberries for this platter—add wonderful color and sweetness and are great this time of year, when fresh fruit isn't as plentiful; salty pistachios and sweet glazed pecans are a fantastic, crunchy counterpart to the chewy fruit. I also like to add a small bowl of another sweet element, like honey or fig jam, which are lovely with the cheeses.

*Budget tip: less expensive dried fruit and nuts—think raisins and peanuts—would work, too. Or use whatever you've already got in your pantry!

Vegetables: use all different types of veggies—fresh, jarred, marinated. I've got some raw sliced radishes (a great cracker alternative for low-carb people); beautiful fresh asparagus that I blanched, chilled, then tossed with a red wine vinaigrette; olives processed into a simple tapenade; small pickles; and marinated artichoke hearts that I drained well. Use small bowls on the Easy Thanksgiving Antipasto Platter for wetter items, like the tapenade and the artichoke hearts.

*Budget tip: visit your Stop and Shop antipasto bar and get just the amount of olives or other items you need for the platter. Or head over to the jarred veggie aisle and load up on small jars of pickled and marinated items (roasted peppers, pepperoncini, and giardiniera are all wonderful additions).

Meats: I've used salami for this platter, but pepperoni and prosciutto are also fabulous choices.

*Budget tip: visit Stop and Shop's deli and ask the butcher to slice your meat as thinly as possible. Not only are the thin slices easier for guests to eat, you can fan them out and pile them up so that it looks like you've got a lot!

So, head on over to Stop and Shop now for all your holiday dishes—new online customers can get $5 off now!

What are you making for Thanksgiving?


  1. Love, love, love this one! That spread has everything!

  2. What a gorgeous spread! We do love our antipasto platters in our house. :)

  3. I could make a meal of this! I'll be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, this might be something I make!

  4. I love antipasti platters, Justine and this one is gorgeous! We're having a family birthday party next weekend and I'm definitely going to take some inspiration from your platter and make one of my own for us to nibble on before dinner!

  5. One of my favorites and your looks amazing!

  6. I've never hosted one either, Justine. My in-laws always hosted so we've hardly ever even had to do anything. My father-in-law loved being in charge of the whole meal. He's no longer with us, so I am sure I'll be doing some cooking this year, but not the turkey again. And antipasto platters...yes please! I'd be happy with that for dinner most nights!

  7. This post is spot on! Who doesn't love an antipasto??? You and your platter are welcome at my home anytime!

  8. I love putting platters together like this when entertaining. It's so easy and your tip on getting a way from the gourmet or deli section is spot on!

  9. This is how I like to eat ;) I don't need dinner when I have an awesome antipasto platter! looks gorg!

  10. You have put together one spectacular platter here!! I think ill be making this one VERY soon!!

  11. This platter is all of my food dreams come true! Every single thing on it is something I would eat many, many times a day if I could.

  12. My hubby and I often do this for date night - beautiful platter and a great bottle of wine and the meal is ready! Your options looks even better, love your tips, what a treat!

  13. This looks so simple and so deliciously satisfying; thanks for putting it together!

  14. Drooling over all that meat and cheese! Looks like dinner to me.

  15. What a tasty looking antipasto platter! Now this is "adulting" - haha! LOVE this stunning and easy appetizer to gather around for the holidays.

  16. One of our favorite ways to entertain!! I could nosh on that all night!

  17. Hosting Thanksgiving is fun but stressful! I hosted one of our traveling reunions for 50 people over 4 days. Let me tell you I had lots of help but one thing that was the hardest was keeping all the pickers at bay and out of the kitchen so you could actually get everything cooked. This antipasto platter is the perfect way to do that! And bringing it for the host is probably the greatest gift you could give, other than doing the dishes...


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