The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich is the best way to eat holiday leftovers! Thanksgiving Stuffing Waffles take the place of sliced bread in this hot turkey, cranberry, and gravy sandwich.

Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches always make me think of The Moist-Maker from that episode of Friends a million years ago. Remember? Ross' Thanksgiving sandwich included an extra slice of bread soaked in gravy (which is how the sammie got its name); his co-worker stole it and ruined Ross' post-holiday treat. I think most people love to slap leftover turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, and stuffing between a couple slices of bread and call it a day. But I find that bread just gets in the way of the Thanksgiving flavor I craveplus the bread adds lots of calories I don't need. So I say: skip the sliced bread and use my Stuffing Waffles instead. Behold the Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich!

I forgot the gravy on this one, oops!
Just take a toasty Thanksgiving Stuffing Waffle (made with the stuffing of your choice), drizzle with hot gravy, pile some warm turkey on top, drizzle with some more gravy, and spoon cranberry sauce over everything. Grab a knife and fork to eat it as an open-faced sandwich...

or close it up with another waffle on top:

This sandwich proves that leftovers are the best part of the holiday meal! For more recipe ideas, check out our 22 Healthy Ways to Use Thanksgiving Leftovers.

What's your favorite way to use holiday leftovers?

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  1. This looks so delicious!

  2. That looks so good! I would start my Thanksgiving with the leftover turkey and waffles! Love it!!!

  3. Ok. This is brilliant. Looks amazing!

  4. Waffles made of stuffing?! YES PLEASE!! This sounds like the most amazing way to eat waffles.

  5. Stuffing waffles!!!

    My favorite leftover is the classic sandwich. White bread, mayo, salt & pepper, turkey, stuffing, and a slice of American cheese. I usually dip it in the cranberry sauce. It's probably a 2000 calorie sandwich but I'm guaranteed to have at least two this weekend.

    1. Hey, if you can't do that on thanksgiving weekend, when can ya? enjoy :-)

  6. This looks so good, shall have to make it with our leftover Christmas turkey:-)

  7. I have to try this idea. I usually just mix the turkey, potatoes, and stuffing and pour the gravy over it, and the cranberry sauce, I keep separated, always wanted an idea to make with it.


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