10 Gifts any Home Cook will ADORE! #foodiegifts

Research for this article consisted of interviewing myself, a home cook, for great gift ideas. Some items are things I hope to receive, others are things that I already own and use and love. It's a hard job, obviously.

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Things I Don't Need but Do Want (and Will Definitely Use!)

Egg Genie
I read this love letter to the Egg Genie in Bon Appétit and became convinced I should have one. I love hard-boiled eggs and often make a whole bunch to have handy. The idea of a little appliance that makes perfect hard-boiled eggs—by steaming them, so they're easier to peel—makes me happy.

Raclette Party Grill
I lived with a family in Switzerland one summer and was introduced to the great fun of a raclette meal! You can melt cheese to pour over potatoes, grill bits of meats and veggies—such a social way to dine with a group. Sort of like what I picture an old-school fondue party was like (confession: I have never been to a fondue party but always wanted to go to one).

Donut Pan
I'm not a huge fan of donuts—they're just not my dessert of choice. But they are fun sometimes and I'd love to start playing around with baked donuts recipes. You probably should get two pans, since most recipes make 12 donuts.

Bread Box
I don't always bake fresh bread but, when I do, I really want a place to keep it fresh on my countertop. How cute are these?


Things I Have and Totally Love

Cordless Crepe Maker
Sure, you can cook lovely crepes in a pan. But this plug-in crepe maker just makes it so much easier—practically foolproof, even for inexperienced cooks. I don't know about you, but I love little appliances that make my time in the kitchen easier (and don't take much storage space). Try it with my Whole Wheat Crepe recipe!

Pizzelle Maker
Make fabulous Italian waffle cookies with this pizzelle iron. I just bought it for myself a little while ago and it has made this holiday cookie-making season so much easier: I can make beautiful, unique cookies to bring to parties, serve at dinners, and give as gifts. My pizzelle recipe is simple and delicious.

Belgian Waffle Maker
I got the All-Clad one for myself last year, using a gift card. I might not have purchased such a pricey one if it were coming out of my own wallet. However, it does work beautifully. My son and his friends love when we do "breakfast for dinner." 

Popover Pan
Sure, you can make popovers in a muffin pan. But they're so much taller, more fun, and more popover-y in a popover pan!

Stocking Stuffers: Gifts Under $10

Egg Slicer
Remember my aforementioned love of hard-boiled eggs? Well, my egg slicer makes perfectly even slices, so my sandwiches aren't lopsided. Trust me, an egg slicer is an awesome little tool. 

Salt Box
A perfect, pretty little container to keep your favorite salt at hand. SO easy to grab a pinch while you're cooking!


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