Red, White & Blue Crepes: Happy July 4th! @driscollsberry

If I were a responsible food blogger, I would've posted this idea at least a week ago. But...I'm a health coach who just happens to blog...and life has gotten in the way of that. Between a family illness, the end of school, and the start of camp, this is just the first moment I've been able to blog in a while. But, better late than than never, right?

This made for a fun Independence Day breakfast today, but it is a yummy meal any day—and would make just as good of a dessert as a breakfast. And, hey, the United States isn't the only country with red, white, and blue in its flag, so this could work for our readers from all around the globe!

Thanks to Driscoll's, I still have a bunch of coupons for berries (from when I entered my Strawberry Shortcake with Mini Strawberry PopTarts in the company's contest). Fresh berries are the key to this light, refreshing, and nutritious meal!

It's simple. All you need:
  • your favorite crêpes (here's my recipe for simple whole wheat crêpes
  • raspberry fruit spread or jam
  • raspberries
  • blueberries
  • crumbled feta cheese
Spread a teaspoon or so of jam onto the crêpe. Top with a handful of the mixed berries. Sprinkle the cheese over the fruit. Roll up and enjoy!

Of course, you can switch up the flavor of jam, you can use different berries, you can use goat cheese or ricotta. Play around to figure out what you like the best. And enjoy the holiday weekend!


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