Clementine Lime Water

We all know how important it is to drink water, but I think we can all admit that plain water is sometimes just...boring. That's why I love to make flavored waters—they taste fresh and look beautiful. I wanted to create a special drink for my Foods from Chile dinner (especially since two guests were pregnant and wouldn't be able to enjoy the fabulous Chilean wines!). Since clementines and limes were both featured ingredients throughout the meal, it seemed a great idea to use them for the water!

My son eats loads of clementines every day—I'm talkin' six or eight—when they're available. They're a fabulous source of Vitamin C, of course, and they even provide some calcium and B vitamins. So, I'm happy to provide them as a snack! It wasn't until I hosted this party that I noticed that practically all the clementines we buy are actually from Chile. As much as we try to buy local foods, there aren't any clementines at our farmers' market...

So, I was happy to include the clementines in our meal. Plus, the bright and cheery pitcher did double duty as part of the centerpiece!

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  1. Mmm, the Clementine Lime Water was yummy!

  2. Thanks, I liked it, too :-)

  3. brilliant!  and at our dinner, I told people about your beautiful pitcher and added clementines and limes to their water! 

  4. Yay, that's so nice to hear! It really was so tasty and refreshing (and pretty)!

  5. I soooooo agree, water can be very boring. Adding the clementines would be pretty fantastic! Hugs, Terra


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