Raspberry Ricotta Grilled Cheese Sandwich

For those who saw my Cannoli Ice Cream, you know I've been a bit obsessed with ricotta lately. Well, not just lately: when I was a kid I went through a loooong phase in which I wouldn't eat any tomato sauce, so I would just have ricotta and parmesan on my pasta (which is delish, FYI). Even now, there's nothing I love more than a dollop of ricotta on top of some pasta; now I eat the sauce, too! 

So, when Robin at Knead to Cook asked me to guest post for her fabulous blog, I just had to do another ricotta recipe! This Raspberry Ricotta Grilled Cheese Sandwich is not your typical sammie—but who the heck wants typical, anyway? Head on over to Knead to Cook for the recipe.

Fresh raspberries, ricotta, and some shaved parmesan—you know you want some!


  1. Yeah!!!  I love all these ingredients...I just can't get enough raspberries. I can wait to try it out!  Thanks for sharing!   

  2. Thanks so much, Mildred, I hope you enjoy it!


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