Raw Food Rejuvenation Teleclass

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I'll be one of the instructors for this tele-class—I'd love for you to join me! Here are all the details:

Rejuvenate with Raw Foods!

Would you like to kick off the summer with more energy and a healthier outlook?

Want to eat more real foods and fewer processed “food products?”

Would you like to have a fuller plate at every meal, while consuming fewer calories?

Then you’ll want to take this 75-minute teleclass, to be held on July 19, 2012 at 8pm EST. In it, you will learn how eating an enzyme-rich, nutrient-dense diet that focuses on raw foods may help you:
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Discover delicious foods to energize your body
  • Regulate your appetite
  •  Improve digestion
  • Lose weight
  • Feel satiated—instead of just “stuffed”—at the end of a meal
  • Find and maintain a proper acid/alkaline balance for your body

You may be saying to yourself, “This all sounds appealing—but also kind of overwhelming.” The Rejuvenate with Raw Foods class is here to make it all easy for you. We will guide you through the fundamentals; we’ll show you how to look at your refrigerator and your meals in a whole new way! We will cover topics including (but not limited to):
  • Benefits of incorporating whole, living foods into your diet
  • Juicing
  • Stocking your pantry
  • Simple, affordable ways to add more raw foods into your diet

Invest in Your Health
Sounds good, right? You know what else sounds good? The price! This 75-minute teleclass—led by two experienced health coaches who are certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners—costs just $15. And if you’re really excited and you sign up before July 9, you’ll pay only $10.

If you want to take the class, but you just can’t imagine fitting it into your crazy busy schedule, there’s no need to worry: the class will be recorded and sent to all participants. So, you can put the kids to bed and listen to the recording of the class at your leisure. We want to make this as easy as possible for you!
Fantastic Goodies for all Participants
Not only will you leave the class with loads of practical information, you’ll also receive some special gifts via email:
  • Simple, family-friendly recipes developed by Justine, who was recently named one of the Top 25 Foodie Moms by Circle of Moms; the recipes you’ll get will be exclusive to class participants and will not be found on the Full Belly Sisters blog
  • Guided meditation recording to provide self-care and to support your healthy lifestyle, led by Misia, who is an experienced Reiki healer and has taught yoga around the world.
  • Raw Pantry Essentials List so that you can have items on hand for all your new raw food adventures!

Still not sure if this class is for you? We get it—change can be scary! But if you are ready to feel revitalized, ready to stop starving yourself, ready to make time to put amazing fuel in your body…then you’re ready for this class. Sign up today.
Class details:
Thursday, July 19
8pm EST
register here
*upon registration, participants will receive a call-in phone number and PIN*

About your Instructors:
Justine Fontinell, Certified Health Coach, AADP
Justine is a co-founder of Full Belly Sisters, a unique health venture for women before, during and after pregnancy, and well into parenthood. Justine leads FBS’ nutrition and wellness programs, helping women to support a healthy pregnancy, boost milk supply during breastfeeding, or finally lose that baby weight. Justine works with all of her clients on cutting out processed junk and introducing more whole foods. This class is a perfect fit with that philosophy.

“Don’t worry if you’re not a raw foodist—neither am I!” says Justine. “You don’t have to exclusively eat raw foods to reap the amazing benefits. But there is tremendous value in incorporating more raw foods into your diet. Through this class, I will teach you how to make room in your kitchen, your schedule, and your budget so you can get more raw foods on your plate and in your belly.” 

Misia Denéa, Certified Health Coach, AADP
Misia "Mimi" Denéa    has a B.F.A. from Esther Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University in Philadelphia. Mimi also is a graduate of New York’s Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and a graduate of the Raw Food Institute. Her Yoga Classes are a vigorous vinyasa style, with a focus on flow, prana, rhythm and mindfulness.She has taught yoga through out the US and Abroad, at conferences, Universities , to homeless individuals, to HIV positive adults and has journeyed to Belize and India to teach/practice yoga.
  Mimi also teaches Yoga for Corporate Wellness, Yoga for Women who are curvy and sumptuous. If you are interested in hiring Mimi for holistic health and nutrition courses/retreats for groups and individuals who want to overcome emotional eating/overeating visit her website.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Smoothie - and, yes, it's RAW!


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