Memorial Day Party Treat: Gringa Guacamole

You're probably going to some sort of Memorial Day party this weekend and it'll probably involve lots of highly-processed hot dogs and pre-made hamburgers and buns made of refined flour. What's the best survival plan for health-conscious gals? Bring some good food that you can eat and—even if you do eat some of the junk—you'll at least crowd it out a bit with veggies. You could bring a huge green salad, a platter of grilled vegetables, a fresh fruit salad. Or you could be the MVP of the party and bring some delicious, healthful guacamole!

Full disclosure: I'm one of those people who cannot stand cilantro (don't blame me, it's in my genes), so i'm always bummed when i get guacamole that's full of it. This version omits the soapy-tasting leaves, which i realize makes it not very authentic. But it is still mucho tasty.

  • 2-3 ripe avocados
  • 1 lime
  • 2-3T minced red onion
  • salt, to taste
  • Tabasco, to taste
  • 3T seeded, chopped tomatoes (optional)
Scoop flesh from avocados into bowl and add onion.
Squeeze lime juice on top. This not only adds amazing flavor, but keeps the avocado from browning. Mash with a fork. I like mine well mashed but not totally smooth.

Once it's mashed, fold in tomatoes (if you want to). Add salt and Tabasco, to taste.

 Cover with plastic wrap. Press it down on the top of the guacamole, until you're ready to serve it; this will also prevent browning.

Serve with raw veggies or chips, or use as a topping on a burger (trust me: delicious). Enjoy your weekend!

What's your favorite guacamole recipe?



  2. i've also read that about the pit. but i hate the way it looks and the citrus + saran wrap is so effective, i don't bother!

  3. if you hate cilantro like i do, it ALL tastes soapy!

  4. you didn't get the hates-cilantro gene, i take it? ;-)

  5. That guac would be good with a boatload of cilantro in it. Love the Rosa Mexicana recipe. lots of onion/cilantro delish.

  6. Depends on the cilantro some tastes soapy some doesn't

  7. Yum! I didn't get a guac fix at the BBQ I went to but I got one at home, sort of... I was lazy and just mashed up an avocado with salt and pepper. :) My favorite avo dip recipe is actually a black-eyed pea salsa with corn and avo. Delish. 

    (also, putting the pit in the bowl with the dip helps with browning, supposedly. i always do it even though i'm not entirely sure it does the trick!)


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